Composer. Recording Engineer.


Bābak Golestani, born on august 1981 in Tehran, is a Persian composer living in Switzerland. He composes algorithmic / acousmatic music and works also as recording engineer with classical ensembles and orchestras. Bābak studied music and media arts and electro-acoustic composition, among others with Daniel Weissberg, Michael Harenberg and Peter Scherer at Bern University of the Arts. His multichannel music has experienced several performances in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. His musical album Tootia contains pieces for string instruments and the piano: his compositions of the past 20 years.



Tootia (2016)

Metal Music (2014)

You can download the music on almost all digital distributors worldwide (iTunes, CD baby, Amazon).

Or buy Tootia directly on this webiste (CD) (It will be shipped from Switzerland)


The Album "Tootia" has been recorded in 96KHz/24Bit (Higher than CD Quality). If you would like to have this album in the original recording quality, you can easily pay directly via Paypal on this website (see below).

  • 44KHz / 16Bit Wave Files (Uncompressed: CD Quality)
  • 96KHz / 24Bit Wave Files (The Original Recording Quality. Uncompressed. Your setup must be capable of full 96kHz playback!)